Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Thunder and Lightning

A storm came through unexpectedly last night right after we put Mason down for bed. He is still kind of scared of thunder and lightning so of course it woke him up. So we let him come downstairs and stay with us until the storm passed. It was kind of nice. He did everything I asked him to because he knew it was a privilege to stay up late. I got lots of cleaning done with a happy helper. Gary put him back down around 9:30 and to make him feel better, Gary put a flashlight on his headboard. He told him if hr got really scared, he could sleep with the flashlight.
Now, this is not a kid's a heavy duty Mag-lite. So less than 15 minutes later we look on our video monitor and saw this:

Now it's a little grainy, but you can make out the flaslight to the left of his head. The funniest thing is that he didn't turn it on, he just slept next to it.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Typing disclaimer

I have recently read some of my previous posts and have noticed some typos. So here's my disclaimer...I am usually typing with one finger as I hold or feed Reese. So I can't guarantee correct spelling, punctuation or grammar. Yes I know there is spell check feature but that would require me to go back and correct it. No time for that.

Wall E

We took Mason (and Reese) to his first movie theater experience today...we lasted 1 hour, which is better than I expected. He enjoyed the previews moe than the movie itself. The funniest thing had to have been when I told him to sit back in his chair and it folded up on him. So he got to sit at the edge of his seat, literally.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Frank Buck zoo

Todaywe ventured up north to the Frank Buck zoo. It was about an hours drive but the kids were fabulous. The hands dowb highlight was the feeding of the girafes. Mason wasn't scared at all and kept wanting more. Basically, we paid $1 to give the girafes a leaf of lettuce of some sort. So for $10, we pretty much bought the most expensive head of lettuce ever and got some great pictures.