Saturday, June 28, 2008

Man Stink

Lyn and I were debating which of us needed to take a shower before going to eat. She said she needed to but I pointed out that, one, she hasn't done anything to get dirty and, two, she doesn't have man stink. To this she agreed and said that both Mason and I have man stink when we go play outside. Mason was listening to the entire conversation and when Lyn said he had man stink he replied "huh?" as he looked at his arms and legs. Then looking up with a concerned look on his face says "I don't have man stink." Mason, yet again, continues to crack us up with what he listens to and how he replies to our conversations.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Off to work I go

So today I unofficially started back to work after being on maternity leave for 10 weeks. I will officially go back to work June 23rd, but they were in desperate need of a PT to do some evaluations. So being the dedicated employee I am, I said yes. Not to mention, I am getting tired of not getting a paycheck and I have to be honest and say I was looking forward to adult interaction again (spouses don't count). Today I only worked for about 3 hours, but I felt like a better mom when I got home. Sounds funny I know. But, when I am home all day I think I get bored with the same old thing and tend to occupy Mason, rather than play with him, since Reese is quite the hands on kind of baby. So when I got home today, I was trying to find ways to accommodate her and actually play with Mason (which is what I guess I am supposed to do everyday, but would get exhausting). I guess I just appreciated the time more with them today and made the most of it. It's funny the difference a little bit of adult converstaion can have on a person when they are used to talking to kids all day long. So that's enough of my rambling, but just a thought.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

cutest picture ever!

We finally got a picture of them together. It already looks like she is in charge, at only 10 weeks. We had to distract him with a movie so he wouldn't try to run away, which is what he usually does.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Who invited that kid?

The sayings that come out of an almost 3 year old are quite amusing. Mason likes to watch the movie "Toy Story" and his favorite scene is at Andy's birthday party. As presents he gets a lunch box and set of bed sheets. So someone says "who invited that kid?". So now Mason loves to put "who invited that kid?" after random words. Examples:

Me: Mason, we're having guacamole with dinner tonight.
Mason: Guacamole, who invited that kid? (Picture arms stretched out to the side asking the question)

Mason: What's that?
Me: Chalk
Mason: Chalk, who invited that kid?

Get the picture. It's funny how he places so much emphasis on the first word, then says his phrase...priceless.

Other new sayings:
Oh me, oh my!
I do it! (all the time)
You got money mama? (I've left the house without money one time too many apparently)

spittin' images

So obviously Reese is on the left and Mason is on the right side. They are each 2 months old in these pictures. We think they look so much like each other so I was trying to find similar posed pictures. This is all I could come up with so far.