Friday, October 23, 2009

Kleenex alert

I don't know this lady, but as a mother, I couldn't help but want to share her story. Warning: you'll need some Kleenex.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Random updates

Ignore the fact that he colored a Hello Kitty page (Reese's girly stuff of course), just look at how well Mason stayed in the lines. Seriously, he went from coloring all over the page last week to all of a sudden coloring in the lines with different colors.
Halloween preview: Spiderman
Ladybug (the cutest ladybug ever I might add)
This was Mason's first ever drawing. It's a picture of me, can't you tell?
They love Candyland right now. Reese got it all out by herself.

So they tried to play it together, but they didn't get too far by themselves.

As of today, Mason, Reese and I all have strep throat so we are just hanging around the house trying not to go stir crazy. It's only day one so I think it may get worse before it gets better. Like I keep saying, it could be much worse. We are so thankful!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Full fat yogurt

So most of you know we have been trying to add some calories (good calories, not empty calories) to Reese's diet to help with some weight gain. I recently found some awesome yogurt for her, Liberte Mediterranee, that has 250 calories in each 6 ounce serving. We previously used Yobaby Yogurt, but it only had 110 calories in each 4 ounce serving. I was excited when I found it because there is no high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavoring added at all. I will have to say that it is not the cheapest thing out there, but it's manageable at $1.19 each, especially when I usually give it to her every other day. This girl loves all thing dairy and would live off of yogurt ("ya-ya" as she says) and string cheese if she could.

Warning: do not eat what she doesn't eat, afterall it's full fat yogurt.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

These two...

...are loving playing together now. Their current favorites are hide and seek, reading books, and making tents. I came home today to find that Gary had rearranged our couches just to make an amazing tent for the kiddos. They love picnics in the living room, helping me clean anything they can reach with wipes, and putting stickers on the floor.

He...has mastered some new speech sounds. He can say 'w', 'f', and 'l' sounds now which has made a huge difference with his intelligibility. Unfortunately, we had to stop his speech therapy after learning our insurance didn't cover it, but we seem to be making great strides even after stopping therapy. He has alsolearned how to manipulate us (mainly daddy and grandma & grandpa because it doesn't work on me) by using Reese. A typical conversation may look like this:

Mason: "Let's play duck, duck, goose!"
Us: "No, not right now bud, maybe later."
Mason: "Reese, do you want to play duck, duck, goose?"
Reese: head nod here with "eh uh"
Mason: "Reese, you do? Yeah!"
Mason to us: "Reese wants to play duck, duck goose".

She...has gained a pound. Yeah! We have been fattening her up with lots of butter, cheese, and some Kid Essential Boost to her milk. Her shoe fascination has grown to include my heels. Surprisingly enough, she can actually walk in them. Too cute! She is scared of the play-do spaghetti maker. For some reason, it freaks her out when Mason pushes the play-do through it.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Celina pumpkin farm pictures (warning: picture overload)

Wow, it was a beautiful day! We took the opportunity to get out and head to the pumpkin patch in Celina. Mason had been to one 2 years ago, but this was Reese's first time. She loved it! They both loved it! Even when the hayride we were on got stuck in the close to 2 feet deep mud ruts and it took about 15 minutes for us to be rescued by another tractor. Even when the hayride had to be cut short after getting unstuck when one of the tires came off. Even when the lady next to us threw a temper tantrum about her kids getting yelled at so she in turn yelled at the pumpkin patch owners. We had a great time!

Hope everyone had a wonderful day too!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Head start on Halloween

Looking back over the last several posts, Mason seems to have been neglected. We really do take pictures of him too. For instance, he has gotten an early start on some Halloween antics. Got to love it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

new page & old purse

The kids and I are just getting over some colds and an ear infection. Somehow, Gary managed to miss out on all the fun this time around. Reese ended up with a bad ear infection so we had one miserable night where she couldn't sleep. Only later did I find out that there are numbing drops the doctor can prescribe for a bad ear infection. Would have been nice.
I've said it before, Reese is quite the girly girl. Her love for shoes, dresses and purses cracks us up. Although, she also likes to put on Mason's underwear too. She can actually put them on by herself and pulls them up to her knees.

I haven't been up to much lately, but I did finish a page today while Mason managed to put stickers all over my closet door. We did practice his sounds and letters while I was scrapbooking though. In my defense, he asked if we could go to my scrapbooking closet to watch trash trucks on the computer. Of course I said yes, but at least made it educational and did letters and sounds instead of trash trucks on the computer.
Hope you have a Blessed day too!