Tuesday, October 20, 2009

These two...

...are loving playing together now. Their current favorites are hide and seek, reading books, and making tents. I came home today to find that Gary had rearranged our couches just to make an amazing tent for the kiddos. They love picnics in the living room, helping me clean anything they can reach with wipes, and putting stickers on the floor.

He...has mastered some new speech sounds. He can say 'w', 'f', and 'l' sounds now which has made a huge difference with his intelligibility. Unfortunately, we had to stop his speech therapy after learning our insurance didn't cover it, but we seem to be making great strides even after stopping therapy. He has alsolearned how to manipulate us (mainly daddy and grandma & grandpa because it doesn't work on me) by using Reese. A typical conversation may look like this:

Mason: "Let's play duck, duck, goose!"
Us: "No, not right now bud, maybe later."
Mason: "Reese, do you want to play duck, duck, goose?"
Reese: head nod here with "eh uh"
Mason: "Reese, you do? Yeah!"
Mason to us: "Reese wants to play duck, duck goose".

She...has gained a pound. Yeah! We have been fattening her up with lots of butter, cheese, and some Kid Essential Boost to her milk. Her shoe fascination has grown to include my heels. Surprisingly enough, she can actually walk in them. Too cute! She is scared of the play-do spaghetti maker. For some reason, it freaks her out when Mason pushes the play-do through it.

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