Monday, June 2, 2008

Who invited that kid?

The sayings that come out of an almost 3 year old are quite amusing. Mason likes to watch the movie "Toy Story" and his favorite scene is at Andy's birthday party. As presents he gets a lunch box and set of bed sheets. So someone says "who invited that kid?". So now Mason loves to put "who invited that kid?" after random words. Examples:

Me: Mason, we're having guacamole with dinner tonight.
Mason: Guacamole, who invited that kid? (Picture arms stretched out to the side asking the question)

Mason: What's that?
Me: Chalk
Mason: Chalk, who invited that kid?

Get the picture. It's funny how he places so much emphasis on the first word, then says his phrase...priceless.

Other new sayings:
Oh me, oh my!
I do it! (all the time)
You got money mama? (I've left the house without money one time too many apparently)

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