Friday, April 11, 2008

Storms and such

Sorry we haven't updated in a while, we've been a bit busy, what with the new baby and all. In all seriousness, she has been the complete opposite of Mason as a newborn, which is such a relief. Mason had his first meltdown yesterday due to Reese. Unfortunately, she needed to be fed the same time he woke up from a nap in a horrible mood. He can be quite the grouch when he wakes up sometimes.

We made it through the bad storm the other night without even losing a shingle. Others around us didn't quite do so well. I have to admit that was the most scared I have even been during a storm. It hit at 4am and we were all sound asleep. The power and house alarm went off at 4 am. I told Gary to go turn the alarm off, and the poor sleep deprived state that he was in caused him to stand in front of the TV with the remote wondering why it wouldn't turn the house alarm off. When he figured it out I sent him upstairs to get Mason and he still wasn't with it yet asking me if Mason was crying. I calmly said "look outside" and then he got it. We all bunkered down in the laundry room (2 kids, 2 adults, and 2 scared dogs) for about 20 minutes until the storm passed. Apparently the tornado sirens were going off but the wind and rain were too loud to even hear the sirens. I wasn't taking any chances though. Like I said, it was the most scared I have ever been in bad weather. Someone was definitely watching over us.

On a much more serious note. I have a friend who has 2 kids (1 year and 3 years) and they just found out that the 3 year old has an extremely rare type of aggressive brain tumor that only has a 10% survival rate if caught early. His had been growing for 2 months before it was detected so the outlook is not good. They aren't even sure where to do his treatment because nobody specializes in the type of tumor because it is so rare. So please say a prayer for the little boy, his family, and the team of medical staff working to save him. I can't even imagine what they are going through at this time.

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