Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good news!

Good news! Reese's endoscopy and biopsy results came back normal. So the big things have been ruled out and we have a plan in place for the next couple of months. Next week she has her 18 month check-up and we will get some allergy testing done to see if it may be some simple food allergies keeping her from growing.

Mason is doing awesome with his speech therapy and we are starting to see some carryover at home. They love doing flashcards every night either in the bath tub or sitting on the floor in their pj's. And by they, I mean Reese too. She plops down right next to him and points to the cards or makes some sounds for each one. Cracks me up!

We have some new games around the house now. Some favorites are duck, duck, goose; Candy land; hide and seek; and ring around the rosies. I have to admit, Gary does much better with just playing with the kids than I do and he's a professional at these by now. I just constantly think about what needs to be done around the house instead of just sitting down and playing. So I am working on that.
Some ring around the tree action.
Reese even sounds like she's singing something when she does it.
There's not much more entertaining in our house than an empty box. You may remember the man cave days.

Mason has been really into painting lately and he took some time to teach Reese some basic art techniques.

We have a climber here. She has found she can climb the outside of the stairs and Mason makes sure to tell me if she does.

As always...monkey see monkey do, all the way down to matching bowls.

Have a Blessed day!

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