Wednesday, March 12, 2008


One of Mason's new games is to kick a beach ball out in the drive way with me (the next David Beckham). Lyn gets to watch from the sidelines in a chair. Tonight we're out kicking and our next door neighbor comes out and we chat for a while. Nice guy (doesn't hurt he's a Texas Tech fan!) but he has these two little white yappy dogs that he walks every night around 9:00 WITHOUT a leash. One of our dogs, Miles, starts to bark at him through the fence which promts our neighbor to say something to the effect of "don't worry about him barking, I'm guilty of walking my dogs without a leash and they pretty much go where they want." We all kinda chuckle. Soooo, tonight around 9:00 Miles gets up off the couch and starts to growl and then all of a sudden makes a straight shot to the front door with the hair on his back standing up growling, huffing.....everything short of barking. Guess who's two little white yappy dogs are on the front porch looking in the window. Like I said....nice guy, but.....

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