Saturday, May 31, 2008

Our morning excitement today

We had some major excitement this morning to report. Apparently, a blue bird flew in the house through the back door. I was changing Reese's diaper in our bedroom and heard a commotion on the stairs. I yelled to Mason asking if he was ok, and he said yes. Then I asked him if Jack was chasing a bug and he said no. Hmmm...what could it be? So I walked out of the bedroom only to see a bird fly from the stairs to the other side of the living room trying to find a way out. Normally the dogs would be going crazy, but I honestly think they couldn't figure out why there was a bird in the house. So while Reese already crying pretty loudly for her feeding, I had to set her down in the car seat, corral the dogs in my room, and then figure out what to do with the bird. My original thought was to open all the doors and just hope it would find its way out. Meanwhile, Mason was on the stairs watching all the commotion. He thought it was funny until the bird landed on the window sill of the stair landing. Which meant that he couldn't come down stairs. Not so funny after all. So I told him to go into his room. When he did that he slammed the door behind him which means he can't get out because he has one of those child safety things on the door knob. So my plan of just letting the bird eventually find it's way out won't work because now Mason can't get out of his room and I would have to go by the bird to get to his room. So what do you grab to catch a initial thoughts included a colander, large tupperware, a broom, and blanket. I went with the blanket. Fortunately, by this time the bird had managed to find it's way behind a picture frame leaned up against the window on the sill in the corner so it basically trapped itself. So with my blanket in hand I very carefully squished the bird into the corner then reached in and grabbed it with my bare hands. Yes, I'm a country girl. So I caught it and then let Mason out of his room thinking he would be excited to see the bird up close. He had some mixed feelings. He wanted to look at it, but not close-up. He wanted me to hold him but then that meant he would be close to the bird. Finally, we made our way down stairs and out the front door to let the birdie go find his mama. That was my explination to Mason. I'm sure I could have made this long story short, but it sure was humorous from our end. I was rather proud of myself for handling the situation so well. I did let only one girly shriek when it flew right past my head once. Not bad!

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  1. I wished I could have been a fly on the wall for this one! I can't believe you caught him.