Wednesday, January 21, 2009

God & Christmas lights

Mason has recently started a "there's a monster in my room" business that sometimes requires us to go up to his room a couple of times before midnight. Last night, during my turn, I read him 2 more books then began talking to him about monsters. I told him I knew for a fact that there were not any monsters in his room or in our house and then asked him if he wanted to know how I knew that. Of course he said yes, and then I told him that God would protect our house, his room, and him from monsters and that he could go to sleep with good dreams. He very seriously looked at me and said "God and Christmas lights". It took me a few seconds to realize why he said that and then I busted at the seams with laughter. During December, we frequently told him that the Christmas lights around the house and his bedroom door scared monsters away. He has such a good memory, sometimes too good.

He is also quite the backseat driver. Now I know how Gary feels when he drives and I'm in the passenger seat. Sorry Gary for the past 7 years of backseat driving. Mason tells us what color the traffic lights are any chance he can get and if they are green, you better go. Otherwise, he will bump up his voice a notch in case you missed it the first time. If you come to a stop and want to make a turn, he immediately tells you to "go", and again sometimes he makes it known that he wants to go NOW. 
Reese has gained a little bit more weight since her last check-up, but it's so hard to be accurate when you don't use the same exact scales every time. I have the advantage of having infant scales at my office so I sneak her in, actually they don't care, and weigh her each week to see if we are making any progress. I spoke with a dietician the other day and she made a few suggestions: 1)when supplementing with formula switch to a lactose free formula, 2) get her off the Poly-vi-sol vitamins and onto something less toxic and potent (I'd be happy to explain this further if anyone has any questions about that), and 3) and bumping up her caloric intake with an extra 1/2 scoop of formula in each bottle. 

After telling her about Reese's "stinky pee", which only happens the morning after she eats a dinner with meat in it (and we have stopped meats all together at this point), she said she would bet money that Reese had type A blood and that lots of food allergies and sensitivites can be traced back to blood type. Also, people with type A blood have more sensitivities to digesting meats. 

Anyway, that's the latest here. I'll post more pics soon. 

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