Friday, June 5, 2009

Juicy Lucys and Buttaloes

Our household has recently undergone a reincarnation of sorts as far as cooking is concerned. Gary got a grill for his early Father's Day present and we have put it to good use. Every night we seem to catch some kind of cooking show and we are hooked. Our favorites right now are Man v. Food and Bobby Flay's Grill It. Recently on Man v. Food they did an episode about theJuicy Lucy. We have since made it 3 times and finally got it right. It is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S, delicious! Of course, we are always trying to eat healthy so we tweaked it a little and made it a buffalo burger instead. Mason, however, cannot say /f/ sounds yet so it comes out buttaloes. We try to see how many times we can get him to say buttalo in a day because it sure is funny.

A few other funny sayings to come out of his mouth this week:
"Reese, why would you do that?!!!" in response to her pushing the buttons on his trash truck movie.

"A little help here (insert sarcastic voice)!" when trying to open the back door by himself.

"Reese, I'm not going to tell you again, stop it!!!" once again when she was playing with buttons.

"Mama, my peepee not hanging out my undies anymore, I fixed it all by myself!" as we were driving down the road on a very long road trip. It was followed by uncontrollable, shaking,  silent laughter from Gary and I in the front seat.

Here's a few pictures from our Memorial weekend getaway to the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

Reese loved looking at all the animals from the front seat. She also liked turning on the wipers, radio, air conditioner and any other knob or button she could find.

This is what it looks like when a little boy falls into extremely cold water. Oh, the faces he made.

Daddy trying to show Mason how to skip rocks across the river.

Mason was so excited to see all the animals too. I thought he would be more scared once they got closer, but this mama seemed to be more anxious than anyone else. Some of those horns looked really sharp.

Have a Blessed day!

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