Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Vegas (a long story)

My sister and I were finally able to get away for the weekend for a belated 30th birthday bash. Better late than never, even if it was 2 years late. No kids, no husbands. It was wonderful! Although, I did miss them terribly. 

I flew out first thing Saturday morning and met Ann in Vegas. We hung out by the pool and relaxed, we shopped a lot (but mainly window shopping) even though we knew we could never afford the stores we were in. But, we loved it anyway. We ate delicious food although we didn't eat nearly as much as we normally do because we would lose track of time either shopping our hanging out at the pool. We probably walked at least 5 miles each day... in flip flops. Which was better than what some of the women on the strip we wearing. Speaking of wearing, I'm pretty sure we had at least 4 wardrobe changes each day, including swimsuits, and I think we also have a picture of each outfit. 

We saw The Lion King production at the Mandalay Bay theater and it was awesome. Somehow, we didn't realize that it was almost word for word as the movie which made it 2.5 hours long. I messed up and thought the play started at 8:30 but it actually started at 8 so we missed about 20 minutes of it. Plus, I wore a pair of my sister's new shoes so she could wear my new shoes that matched her new dress. It wasn't until we were on our way out to the cab and just found out we were late that I figured out her shoes were not working for me at all. About every 10th step or so the strap would come off my right heel and the 3 inch wedge shoe then became a flip-flop. So without even drinking, I looked like I was drunk trying to walk in her shoes. So because we were running late, I ended up carrying my shoes through the casino to get to the theater faster. The entire race there I was apologizing to her for us being late and she was apologizing to me for her shoes.

From the very beginning I had told Ann no dance clubs. I was pretty adamant about it until we passed by Coyote Ugly and she gave me her puppy dog expression begging me "Please, let's just go in for a little bit and then go home." So I gave in an actually enjoyed it a little. I could tell you that the night might have ended with my sister and I dancing on the bar at Coyote Ugly to Beyonce's Single Ladies, but I don't think anybody would believe me. 

I thought we would sleep in late and take naps while we were there, but that was not the case. We had a blast though. Now that we finally made the time for ourselves, we will do it again at our 35th and 40th birthdays.

The real excitement came at the end of my trip. My flight left Vegas at 3:30 and arrived in Dallas at DFW at 9. I made it a point of remembering that I parked my car in the parking garage at B26 when I arrived at the airport on Saturday. So you can imagine my surprise when my car was not at B26, nor was it anywhere near there. I walked back and forth in the parking garage looking for it, retraced my footsteps from inside the terminal and everything, but nothing. I knew that I had pulled into $17/day parking, stayed on the ground level, parked on the left side in a parking spot directly beside a handicapped spot. I knew that I had crossed the street, passed one escalator and went up an elevator, past a baggage claim area, security area, and then onto ticketing where I checked my bag. So needless to say, it was dark, I was tired, and I was starting to freak out. So after about 45 minutes of me looking myself, I gave up and went into the airport and asked security for help. All without trying to breakdown, which I think I was pretty close to at the time. I described to him my path just like I just told you, and he was very nice and called someone on his radio for me. That security guard asked me all the same questions, then took me outside and walked me to his car. Apparently, they have a security car for that very purpose, locating lost vehicles. So with his help, we drove around and found my car. It was exactly where I described it was, except it was at B6 instead of B26. I was so embarrassed. He did praise me for being able to give him so many details though. 

I also felt better to know that it happens frequently enough that they have a specific form that I had to sign since I had to ride in their vehicle. It had it's own little check box for lost vehicle. Did I mention that I was tired, ready to get home, and ready to see my kids?

So I made it home at around 11:30 last night. My poor sister didn't make it home until 2 am even though we left Vegas at exactly the same time. So, it definitely could have been worse. 

Thanks to Gary for taking such good care of the kiddos while I was away. 

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  1. How fun! And I would DEFINITELY believe that you and Ann danced on the table to Beyonce. :)