Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Failure to thrive

Does this look like a little girl that is failing to thrive? I would think not, but unfortunately,  all the numbers point to it. She has been fighting off something weird these last couple of weeks. She was treated for strep (for the faint of heart, I won't go into detail as to where the strep was, but I will say it wasn't in her throat) with 2 different rounds of antibiotics only to have a 3rd swab taken and come back positive. It was sent off to the lab for a culture, which we found out today, came back negative. So now we are left wondering what is going on with her. To add to that, she has had 4 nights in a row of lots of tossing, turning, and tooting. That's right. I said tooting. The first night we thought it was funny when she was lying between us for about 2 hours. It made us want to check to make sure there wasn't a grown man hiding in the room somewhere by the sound of it. The second night...not so funny. Three hours of inconsolable crying on top of the tossing, turning and tooting. For a mama's girl, this mama couldn't even console her. We tried a car ride at 1:30 in the morning to no avail. What finally worked was a Tylenol suppository, Baby Einstein on the Farm DVD, a pacifier, a recliner, and mama. The next 2 nights were repeats with out the inconsolable crying. 

So all that to say, little girl has once again lost a little weight and dropped down to the 5th percentile. We (when I say we, I really mean I) have been pondering doing more extensive bloodwork just to make sure we aren't missing anything. So with her drop in weight and failure to thrive label we went ahead with lots of bloodwork today. Maybe we can find some answers as to why she needs an adult dose of iron along with iron fortified formula at 14 months to maintain borderline normal iron levels. 

In the meantime, we are taking her off all dairy products to see if maybe her GI system is temporarily lactose intolerant after 2 rounds of antibiotics and strep. I forgot to ask how long it should take to hear anything back about the bloodwork. So if you don't mind, please just say a little prayer for baby Reese for normal bloodwork and for her to have a little reprieve from her GI issues and lack of sleep. 

Have a blessed day!


  1. Oh, Lyn....that sounds awful. My heart is sad for you. I hope that you and the doctors will be able to find something that works for little Reese.

  2. My son is FTT being that he's below the 3rd percentile. I have been through three rounds of blood draws. All comes back normal. His BONE age was off though... so we got a referral to check on that and we'll be going from there. I hope that you get some answers. They certainly aren't always easy to come by with FTT. Especially with a child that looks and acts healthy! Our family will be praying for your family.