Friday, May 29, 2009



I had a very special date with Mason today...we went to see the new movie "Up". We have been watching the previews for close to 2 months now and even recorded a preview so he could watch it whenever he wanted. He was so excited when I told him we were going to go watch a movie at the movie theater. You would ask him where he was going and he would say " we going to go watch a movie theater!" which sounds more like "moody deeder". So we get there and he picks out Reese's Pieces and a Sprite for his snack, which I could not disappoint. As we were walking through the theater, before we even made it to our seats, he kept saying "dis da best moody deeder eder", otherwise known as this is the best movie theater ever. He sat through all the previews and the entire movie in my lap with only a peep out of him every once in a while, other than laughing out loud. Overall, it was another great movie from the people at Pixar. 

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