Saturday, May 9, 2009

Cutest Pajamas Ever!

These pajamas, by far, have to be one of my favorite purchases for Reese. There seems to be a running cow theme for her and it doesn't get much cuter than this. Even better, I bought these Gymboree pj's at Kid to Kid for $4. 

We went to a friend's party yesterday where there were several babies Reese's age and younger. If it weren't for her head, I'd say she was pretty close in size to the rest of the babies that were up to 6 months younger than her. I had to bring her to the pediatrician this week and when they weighed her, it turns out that she did not gain any weight at all this past month. WHAT?! We really thought that she had been eating a lot more and she LOVES her bottle right now. So still trying to figure out if she is just petite, or if we should be worried.
Meanwhile, the kiddos are starting to learn how to play together a little better. It seems to go a bit smoother outside so we have been playing in the backyard as much as we can. 
These two are something else.

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