Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Where does he get this stuff?

As Mason was playing with his very basic (Dollar General) "computer, that is really just a light on a screen and a pen, he told us... "Daddy, this say that we have to go get some ice cream at the store". RRRRIIIIGGGGGHHHTTTT

Today, as he was helping pick up the paper mess he made on the floor he stopped and said..."My belly getting full, I need to stop, that's ok, my belly too full" as he was patting his belly and sounding so pitiful.

After eating one small ice cream sandwich, he asked for another and I said no. His response was..."I have to eat another one because now I small and one more will make me big".

We find this recent spurt in his communication quite hilarious because just weeks ago we were concerned that his communication skills were a bit behind. His teacher also told us the other day he got in trouble for talking too much at school. We were all shocked, including his teacher. 

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