Saturday, May 2, 2009


The number of teeth it takes for a 13 month old baby girl to grind them to the point that even total strangers walking by in a store can hear. It's pretty bad. She has 2 bottom and 1 recently emerged top tooth and she is working them to her little heart's content. I have heard the best advice is to ignore it otherwise we would be reinforcing it by giving her attention. We are trying that route first. Any suggestion? 


  1. Anna does the same thing! Except with a mouth full of teeth she is a little more annoying. She can be heard across the library during story time. It drives us bonkers! Not as bad as nails on a chalkboard, but a very close second.

  2. Our little girl grinds her teeth all the time. "They" say it can be a way of relieving stress, so make sure she has plenty of rest. Other than that, sometimes she just thinks it sounds cool - so we give her something to teeth on. If it's pain related, try baby orajel.