Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend road trip

We had a great visit at my parent's house this past weekend. Reese and Mason spent the majority of time outdoors as usual. I think Reese may be just as in love with CeeCee's horses as Mason. Mason was able to ride the horses all by himself this weekend, with CeeCee standing as much as 15-20 feet away while she videotaped him reigning and kicking the horses to go. Of course, now we can't get the video to upload so we have no evidence of it. I do have a lot of pictures of them playing in the little pool so that will have to do for now. I have to admit that I was so excited to finally put Reese's first swimsuit on, this adorable ladybug suit that was handed down to us by a total stranger. I couldn't have picked out a better suit myself. Enjoy!

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