Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My most embarrassing parenting moment to date

I'm sure there will be many more mortifying moments as a parent, but in 3.5 years, this is at the top of the list. This afternoon, I thought it would be fun to plug in an old wall phone upstairs that we NEVER use and let mason play with it. I figured since we haven't called anyone on it in about 8 years there would be no redial issue so what's the harm? Well Mason pushed a whole bunch of numbers and said he was talking to the lady, but when I checked there was no one there. So then we actually called grandma and grandpa and Mason "talked" to them for a couple of minutes then said goodbye. Then he pushed a whole lot more buttons and said again he was talking to the lady. 

So I check again and say hello, only to have this response...
"This is Allen 911, this is the 2nd phone call we have received from the house and there was no response when we tried to call back, is everything ok?" So my response was a huge gasp followed by apologizing profusely and blaming it on Mason, what any good parent would do, right? So then we go downstairs, and was still shaking a bit from being so embarrassed only to have the door bell ring...

and there was a very nice Allen police officer at the door wanting to know if everything was ok. He was even nice enough to park down the street and walk up to the door to make sure we were ok. So then my embarrassment was beyond words. Well, I did manage to come up with a few, once again apologizing and pointing fingers ( I think I actually, physically pointed my finger at my child). He was very nice though and I greatly appreciated that because he could have gone the really annoyed and irritated route, but he didn't. PSA - don't let your kids play with phones with pre-programmed 911 buttons (which in our case was the C button, how was I supposed to know???)


  1. I have a mental picture of you standing in the doorway holding Reese on your hip then pointing to Mason, telling the officer that he was the one to blame. Classic!

  2. Oh man, I know you were probably thinking, this is the time when I need to shake my head to the music at the scrapbook retreat! HAHA!!! Glad things worked out good for you. Mason, no more 911 calls, you will throw Mama into panic mode for sure. :)