Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sister see, sister do

Not a whole lot of new information to report since the last post. Mason seems to be completely potty-trained at night now as we have not had any incidents since the pull-ups were retired. He also apparently had a growth spurt because now not only can he reach the pedals on his bicycle, he can actually propel it down the street by himself, he's just not that good at steering and braking yet. 

Reese has the slowest moving tooth ever. She has been working on one of her top teeth for about a month now and it still hasn't formally introduced itself yet. Even without that top tooth in, she can still leave a mark with those 2 bottom teeth when she bites, which is what she has starting doing lately for fun. She seems to have a special affinity for my big toe. Her other new trait that cracks us up...she laughs at herself when she toots. Hilarious!

Here's just a few pics of them playing recently. Of course, Reese wants to do everything Mason does, and playing at the chalkboard is no exception. I thought she had spit up this afternoon only to realize she had been eating some of the chalk. 

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