Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A little laugh for your morning

Mason has cracked me up lately with some of his sayings...

Whenever we playfully get onto the kids we sometimes say their full names in addition to adding "burger" to the end of Kearns. Grandpa started it. So we'll say "Mason Kearnsburger!" and they think it's funny. Well recently I have heard Mason get mad at Reese and would yell "Reese Kearnsburger" at her, which cracked me up because he was so serious. Apparently yesterday he was really mad at me and looked me straight in the face and yelled "Mommy Kearnsburger!". I know I was supposed to get onto him for yelling at me but I couldn't stop laughing instead. I will probably pay for that mistake later.

We put the Christmas tree up last night with just the lights for the kids. This morning Mason kept turning the lights off on the tree and I asked him why...he said he didn't want to waste power, in the most "duh" kind of tone. He did say his w's correctly though :)

Have a Blessed day!

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