Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just for laughs

I was recently telling a friend that I didn't have anything new or interesting to blog about lately. So I decided to list a few random funny stories from when I was younger that stick out in my mind.

Some may know that my Dad is one of those men who knows a little about everything, can fix anything, and is quite physically intimidating (he's 6'4", 225+ lbs). Well, when I was probably in junior high my mom, dad, sister, 2 of my parents' friends and myself all piled into our truck to go to the local fair. We lived in the country growing up. When we got there it was dark. Dad asked for some chap stick right before we were getting out of the car. So my parents' friend Liz offered her chap stick. Only it wasn't chap stick. It was a tube of very bright red lipstick. It was dark so he couldn't tell, but all the rest of us saw that it was lipstick. Dad willingly accepted it and applied a very healthy amount to his lips. We were all chuckling and giggling on the inside. I think we all even got out of the truck and started heading towards the gate, but we couldn't hold it in any longer. We had to tell him. Luckily, he thought it was pretty funny. It was priceless.

I was a twirler in the high school band at a very small school. When I was a sophomore there were about 26 kids in the marching band. One Friday night we were at an away game and I was out on the field twirling to some "hip" song (or more like our band director thought it was hip) when I noticed that the band was getting softer and softer until they almost completely stopped playing. Apparently, I had a wardrobe malfunction that had caused the entire band to take notice and start laughing so hard they couldn't play their instruments. I, however, did not notice that it was drafty down my back and rear. When it was pointed out a fellow twirler was nice enough to run over during our routine and zip me up so we could continue our routine. I got some cat calls and offers of tips once we made it back into the stands. Not something a very shy teenager wants, but I survived.

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