Monday, November 10, 2008

Working out with Daddy

Gary works out at home using a DVD system called P90X and loves it! With the thunder and lightening tonight, we knew there was no way Mason was going to bed anytime soon so Gary went ahead and worked out with Mason. Tonight they did the plyometrics DVD together. I only videotaped a short segment, but it was hilarious to watch Mason emulate everything Gary was doing. When Gary took his shirt off (which he would not let me get on videotape) Mason had to do the same. When he stopped for water, Mason had to get water. Hilarious! The entire time he kept saying "Let's do that again!"


  1. P90X...I need to talk to him:) Leah is in the middle of it right now and I am REALLY considering it. I hear it isn't for slugs though, so that will probably count me out! Mason is too cute:)


  2. Lynn- I'm setting my blog to private and can't seem to find your e-mail address. Will you leave it on my blog comments so I can send you an invite?