Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our little artist

I don't know if there are many 3 year old boys that love to color as much as Mason does. For instance, today he worked on this piece of artwork on and off for probably about 2 hours. He has a method to his madness and you cannot offer any suggestions on colors or placement of the colors. This has been my favorite so far. Right before Reese was born, I sat him down with some crayons and paper and let him color. I told him it was a present for baby Reese. Then I took what he did and framed it to hang on her wall. He comments on it every once in a while. After he was finally done coloring today, he and Daddy played a hilarious game of catch that consisted of Mason throwing a ball really hard at Daddy and then Daddy trying to hit Mason in the head to make him laugh. It worked. We all laughed. Such a good Daddy!

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