Tuesday, August 12, 2008

3 year old stats

Mason had his 3 year old check-up today. He already acts so grown up at the doctor's office. He does everything they ask him to do all by himself, expect talk. I swear he has never spoken a single word while in the exam room. So they just have to take our word for it that he talks.

So here are his stats:
38" tall
34.2 lbs

We talked about the fact that he is not at all interested in potty training yet. Believe me, we have tried everything! The PA had one more suggestion...have a very special toy that sits on top of the fridge that is reserved ONLY for when he goes in the potty. So we went directly to Target and went down each aisle in the toy section. He first picked out a Disney Princess watch...YIKES! Then after several suggestions from mom and dad he finally chose...drum roll please...Buzz Lightyear. So it sits on top of the fridge, waiting. I personally think it will sit there a while, but we'll see.

Mason also subscribes to the toddler diet. I don't think he has eaten dinner in the last 3 nights, but has still managed to be in the 75th percentile for both height and weight. So that is one less battle I will be fighting since, apparently, he is not starving.

Here's some pictures from his birthday party.

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