Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thrill Ride

Just had to share a scary, but VERY funny story from yesterday. I rented a larger SUV yesterday so that all the family could ride around town together while they were here for Mason's party. It has a 3rd row so Mason and cousin Austin (4) were delegated to the 3rd row by themselves. That was the cutest thing to begin with because I don't think I have ever heard Mason have a conversation with another kid before. He usually just nods his head and goes with the flow. But they were back there talking about their dogs, daddies, and donuts, to name a few. So we pick them up at the airport, go to Valley View mall (which I don't plan on going again, ever), then home for naps. So let me set it up for you. Mason is riding in his car seat, which we weren't able to use the latch system for so his car seat was just seat belted in and he was sitting next to cousin Austin who is just in a booster seat with regular seat belt. When we turn into our winding neighborhood, we took a corner a little faster than I wanted, afterall I was in a new vehicle. So after the turn I hear from Mason "I want to go on a ride again". I don't remember what I told him but he said it again. As we make the next swerve, I happen to look in the rear view mirror and see his entire car seat tip to the right and then back to the center as we finish the curve. Apparently, cousin Austin was trying to be very helpful at the mall and undid Mason's seatbelt to "let him out". We obviously did not know this and Mason rode the approximately 20 miles home without his car seat attached to anything. Scary! But the funny part was the last 4 or 5 curves in our neighborhood, I intentionally took a little faster so Mason would tip from side to side as everyone was cracking up laughing about it. It was all under control.

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