Thursday, August 14, 2008

That's what he said

Mason was making cookies in his kitchen and Daddy asked "what kind are you making" and Mason very matter of factly stated "man cookies".

Apparently I have said "are you kidding me" one too many times. That was Mason's response to me saying to Mason that the trash truck was coming.

Mason had 2 minutes to pick up toys before I claimed them. His 2 minutes was up so I was in the process of picking up all his new birthday toys, and he said "don't get my joot (juice) mama". So he knew exactly what was going on, the stinker.

The tattling has started already. Reese grabbed Mason's finger when he was sitting next to her. Mason's response was to say that Baby Ree bit him. His finger was nowhere near her mouth. We had to have a talk about lying.

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