Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kiddo updates

Well she is not sleeping through the night, but only getting up once and then going right back to sleep after nursing. I'll take that! She has been better about falling asleep, now if we can just get her to like Gary after 6pm we'll be cruising along. She prefers me to do everything after 6pm.

As for Mason, we have to have him potty trained by Tuesday as that's when his preschool starts and they expect him to be fully potty trained. They are giving us a little exception and allowing him to start not fully trained and if he has too many accidents I have to go up and take care of him. So we completed day 2 of full day training. I have to give a big THANK YOU to Gary's parents for being right on top of things for us on the days that I work. He had no accidents today, but did spend a lot of time just sitting on the potty watching TV. It's a start.

As for Gary, the moment he has been waiting on for the last 9 months is football has started. He has been watching the first televised CF games this season...Oregon State v. Stanford and South Caroline v. NC State. He doesn't care who it is as long as it's college football.

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