Monday, February 23, 2009

Cow Patty Bingo anyone?

I braved another road trip by myself with the kiddos this past weekend. We drove the  normally 5 hour trip without kids to see my parents in Southeast Texas. It took 2 stops and 6 hours, 15 minutes on the drive down and only 1 stop and 5 hours 15 minutes on the way back. They were so well behaved in the car. In fact, Mason didn't nap at all on the way down and Reese only took 2 short 30 minute naps and they were happy the entire rest of the trip. They fared much better than me and my back (or I should say my legs since they were the ones tingling with pins and needles all the way up to my knees requiring me to ride with the seat reclined back as far as I could to still drive and somewhat turned to as much of a sidelying position as possible). But that's a whole other story. 

While visiting my parents, my old high school had their annual Possum Bluff Festival. I had not been since I graduated high school a whopping almost 14 years ago. Not much has changed. So when I was telling Gary what all was there for Mason to see, I rattled off the events which included Cow Patty Bingo. I was able to get out a few more words before Gary said "Whoa, back up a minute...did you say Cow Patty Bingo?" I just assumed everyone knew what Cow Patty Bingo was... and if you don't, let me elaborate. 

There is a square enclosure, let's say it's about 10 feet x 10 feet (just for easy numbers sake) and it has a fence around it. So the space inside is lined with chalk, to make a grid with squares each 1 foot x 1 foot to give you a total of 100 squares. Someone also has a paper grid and each person pays $5 for a square until the page is full. Then they bring in a cow and wait until the cow poops and whoever's square the cow poops in wins all the money. Simple and entertaining right? Gary thought this was hilarious and didn't believe me at first. Apparently, they don't do that anywhere but the south since he had never heard of it. Anybody else familiar with it?


  1. Awwww...sweet memories of the Possum Bluff Fun Festival. I wonder if we could do a city-fied version with a dog? :)

  2. Never heard of that one. But hilarious nonetheless. I'm assuming you didn't win. When people realize the cow didn't poop on their number, do they say, "Ah, crap! He missed mine by one space!"