Friday, February 6, 2009

Nothing new around here

Gary played in a flag football tournament this past weekend and is now finally over all the soreness. His team won 3rd (not bad for a group of men over 30, except for 2 who are pushing 30). They literally played a bunch of high school guys. We had the perfect kids that day. Mason played from 9am-3pm outside among all the chaos and we could not have asked for a better behaved kiddo. Reese also loved being outside all day, minus the nap she took at home. She loved crawling in the dead grass, and even ate a few pieces I'm sure. I think she has picked up a few pointers from her Auntie. Ann is notorious for storing objects in her sports bra and has even destroyed a couple of cell phones that way. (Apparently, running with your cell in your sports bra doesn't bode well considering sweat is a liquid and cell phones don't survive well in liquid). She's going to kill me for that one.

Mason can also be quite the ham lately. His new thing is always making a silly face when I try to take his picture. Thank goodness I don't need many serious pictures from him.

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