Thursday, October 16, 2008

...all the time

Mason has started adding "all the time" to the end of everything.
I love you all the time.
I miss you all the time.
I eat that all the time.
I like CeeCee (my mom) all the time.
I go to school all the time.
I want to ride the horsies all the time.

On a different note. Yesterday I caught little girl trying to pull herself up to standing in her crib on the monitor. So I raced upstairs with my heart down in my knees to find her gnawing on the crib rail almost all the way up in standing. Needless to say, I lowered the crib mattress immediately. Today, she pulled herself to standing all the way up by herself. Yikes! She is 6.5 months old. That girl is definitely keeping us on our toes. I did finally get the top of the stairs gated yesterday, now I'm working on the bottom.

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