Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Funny phrases

A few conversations with Mason this week:

We were all driving to dinner this evening and Reese was starting to cry in the backseat. Mason says, "Baby Ree crying, I don't think she like me". Gary and I had to crack up at that one.

Yesterday I was trying to get him to eat his chicken at dinner. After repeating "eat your chicken" several times, Mason scoots close to me, starts stroking my arm very gently with his hand, and says in a very sweet voice "Mama, I love you all the time." I laughed and gushed, but still made him eat his chicken. It was a nice try to get out of it though.

We have had a recent problem with Mason crying each day I drop him off at MDO. It has been getting better. This morning as Gary was getting ready to leave for work, Mason told him "Daddy you go to work? I pick you up. You don't cry." We just had to laugh because it is the same thing I have to tell him each time. Wouldn't you know he didn't cry this morning. It was great!

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