Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pages and pictures

I know you guys have been hanging on the edge of your seats waiting for my scrapbook page entry, so you're wait is over. I have been looking forward to completing this page since Reese was born. That's just the silly part of me being excited about a play on words involving Gary's favorite candy. And, I did not disappoint myself either. I'm sure Gary is glad that it is finished and that I will stop talking about it soon.

Reese is officially creeping on her hands and knees. She is never in the same place we have left her, which is going to make me have to keep my house cleaner from here on out. Mason loves popcorn and isn't exactly the neatest eater, and I haven't been the fastest at cleaning up messes either. So between the two of us we have to be more careful now.

Mason goes back and forth between being a camera ham and not wanting to be involved. He was in a ham it up mood today. As mentioned before, he loves his popcorn and has been asking for it everynight after dinner. Boy, does he know how to manipulate. When I was leaving for the retreat Saturday evening, Gary was getting ready to put Mason to bed when Mason says "Daddy, you eat popcorn WITH me in the chair and watch Chicken Little?" in the cutest melt your daddy's heart voice. It worked. They watched the entire movie before going to bed.

On a side note, Gary did survive the 18 hours alone with the kiddos which involved one night. They were pretty easy on him I have to say.

And finally, I don't think Gary and I have had our picture taken together in quite a while, so here's an updated picture of us.

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