Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cowkin or Pumpboy

Otherwise known as a cowboy pumpkin. I have taken the easy way out so far this year. Mason and I went to Market Street where he picked out his pumpkin. On the way home I asked him what kind of face did he want the pumpkin to have. So I made up all kinds of options for him and he finally got excited about the cowboy. Gary, being the talented artist that he is, was instructed to make the cowboy pumpkin face, complete with scary teeth. So not only did Mason not go to a pumpkin patch, but we didn't carve the pumpkin either, we used a Sharpie marker instead. It was such a nice, neat, clean pumpkin experience. Poor kid was jipped this year.

He also decorated his own little pumpkin too. He is such the artist, just like his dad. Note, the little pumpkin sitting next to the cowboy pumpkin. By the way, thanks CeeCee for the cowboy hat. At least it's being put to good use. Also note the nice leftover chocolate icing around Mason's mouth from the chocolate cake he happily shared with Mama. He's definitely my child.

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