Friday, October 3, 2008

Third Day

Last night Gary and I got to go see Third Day in concert and they didn't dissapoint. It was actually our third time to see them in concert and we'll probably go again some day. We got there late so we missed Jars of Clay and the Robert Randolph Family Band, but they came back out for the encore so we did hear them perform a little. We did get to see Swtichfoot and of course Third Day. A Christian rock concert is such an amazing experience. To know that all those people are there to share the music that praises our God and to do it openly is awesome! Then add the excitement, the faith, and the truth that Third Day puts in their music and you have an unbelievable worship experience. If you have never heard of them you're missing out. I put a link to one of their live performances, but it truly doesn't do them justice.

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