Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And I wanted him to talk?

On our drive down to see my parents over the weekend, this was a serious conversation Mason and I had. I'll set the scene for you. I was driving on a country road, it was dark, and I smelled what had to have been a skunk...

Me: "Eeeewwwww! That stinks! That must be a skunk!"
Mason: "Mama, I not a skunk, I Mason."
Me: "No sweetie, I smell something stinky and I bet it's a skunk."
Mason: "I not a skunk Mama, I Mason."
Me: "Mason, I'm not calling you a skunk. I smell a skunk."
Mason: "I not a skunk Mama. I Mason."

I could see this conversation wasn't going anywhere.

Apparently I have said this often lately.
Me: "Mason, time for a bath."
Mason: "I'm coming."
Me (a minute later): "Mason, get up here please"
Mason: "I''mmm coommminnnggg."
Me ( a minute later): "Mason! Now please."
Mason: "I'm coming! I'm not going to tell you again!"

Can you believe that!!!???

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