Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Green beans & ice cream

Mason has been asking for ice cream for the last 3 nights and I have been able to hold him off until today. Yesterday was funny though because he asked after Reese went to bed and this is how our conversation went...(of course it doesn't sound this clear)

Mason: Mommy, let's go get some ice cream.
Me: We can't sweetie, baby Reese is asleep and we can't leave her alone to go get ice cream.
Mason: We can wake her up and she can go with us.
Me: No sweetie, we aren't waking her up.
Mason: I can stay here with baby Reese and you can go get ice cream.
Me: (laughing) No sweetie, that won't work either. We'll get some tomorrow, but those were good suggestions though.


Apparently you can't heat up green beans in a microwave on a plate without green bean juice. They tend to catch on fire or blow up. 

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