Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Not much going on here

We don't really have anything new or exciting to say, but I feel bad not posting anything new in a while, so here goes.

Gary had today off so we asked Mason what he wanted to do as a family and he said "the mall". We were actually relieved because with it being Spring Break, the zoos and all other kid places would have been a mad house. So went loaded up and went to Stonebriar so he could ride the horsies on the carousal. That honestly makes me nauseous so Gary has to ride it with him. He's pretty easy to please as he was ready to go after the carousal ride and a trip or two on the escalators. Then it was home and then off to the tax lady to get that done. I actually look forward to taz season each year so I guess that makes me weird.

Update on Reese: she now knows where here belly and hair are and she will pull her shirt up or pat her hair in response. She makes sounds for the cow and tiger upon request, and has the cutest response for when we ask her what a fishy says. She also repeats "brother" quite well sometimes when we ask her, but still doesn't say mama. Her newest skill, which as a pediatric PT just amazes me, she already knows how to turn herself around and scoot backwards down the stairs and off the furniture. Now if I can just get her talking...

Update on Mason: he informed us today that next year he was going to have 3 horses, have a barn and that he would sleep with the horses in the barn. I guess we better get on that. His new favorite movie is Cars and he loves the movie trailer for "Up" which comes out sometime in May. 

Can you feel the excitement? The Twilight DVD comes out this weekend. I guess I shouldn't be feeling all giddy since I already have a "bootleg" version of the movie, but now it will be official. Luckily, I already have plans Friday evening or I may have been pondering the idea of going to some release party to get the DVD at midnight. I know, it's just plain silly.

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