Sunday, March 22, 2009

Moving down the hall

I have just started a new project, moving Mason into a different bedroom. We are switching his room and the guest room/workout room. He will be right next door to Reese now. Why, you might ask, are we moving him? Well, there are many reasons.

1.  his new room will have a ceiling fan
2.  that will leave the guest room farther away from the kiddos in case we have company
3.  the kids will be right next to each other in case of a fire or other emergency
4.  my exercise equipment will then be farther away from the kiddos so I have no excuse not to work out at night anymore
5.  I can then claim his large walk-in closet for my own scrapbooking closet and Gary can have his half of our master bedroom closet back

When it's all said and done, he will have a cowboy room since he loves my mom's horses. I asked him what color he wanted and he initially said purple, but then he decided on blue. So yesterday we went to Home Depot and spent almost an hour at the paint color trying to tell the lady what we wanted. Last night I started taping the walls to prepare for actual paint today. So this morning, I asked Mason if he wanted to see what his room looked like so far. He was so excited, he dashed up the stairs and flew open the door and said in the sweetest, most honest voice, "It's beautiful!" and he kept repeating it several times. I had to laugh to myself because all that I had done was put up the strip of blue tape that will separate the 2 different sections of blue paint. But, to him, those were his blue walls and he loved them. Oh, if I could just see things as simply as he does.

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