Tuesday, December 30, 2008

9 month check-up

Reese had her 9 month check up today and appears to be almost completely back to her normal self after her bout with RSV last week. Once again, you look at her and think she is petite, but by no means does she look like she is hurting in the baby fat area. The numbers would have to disagree though. She is now in the 7th percentile for her weight, 20th for height, and poor girl's head measures in the 80th percentile. You should see her Daddy's and brother's, it's genetic. She managed to lose 9 ounces since her last weight check last month, but mind you, she was sick for a week, she is a VERY active little girl, and even chose to sleep 13-14 hours straight a few nights this last week therefore missing a feeding each day. I don't know really what else to do. If she sleeps 13-14 hours a day then that leaves me approximately 10 hours to get in 3 meals and 4 bottles which makes her have to eat every 2 hours. That's what we are already doing so I don't know what else to do pack on the pounds. Oh, and forgot to mention too that her CBC today shows she is anemic. So our plan for now is to try to supplement as much as we can (even though she doesn't always finish the bottles she takes now), add one more meal to the mix during the day, and start her on poly-visol vitamins. We go back in one month for another CBC to check her iron levels and another weight check. If she has gone down any further then we will have to look at doing some further blood test to make sure there is not an underlying physiological issue. 

In the meantime, Mason and Reese are really starting to play more together. It makes for cute photo opps...like this one in the laundry basket. I just put her in it and they did the rest.

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