Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Just catching up

I don't know what caused this face, but apparently it was very exciting. If there were a couple more pictures to follow I sure it would show him flapping his arms, that's what he does when he is really happy or excited...which is better for us than screeching like a girl.
I'm pretty sure I have almost this exact pose with Mason and Miles when he was about 8 months old too, except in a different house. They still really do favor each other as babies, but I think she is looking more like a girly girl.

Reese is finally getting her first teeth at 8 months old. They broke through on Monday but for several days before that she apparently liked to feel them with her tongue, hence the hilarious picture below. Then it became a trick because we can ask her to stick out her tongue and that's what she does now.

Everyone always asks if Reese is "always this happy" when they see her because she is a very happy baby out and about. Well, I always say yes, as long as she's not poopy, tired, or hungry she's the happiest baby in the world. However, patience is not a virtue of an 8 month old baby girl when she is ready to get out of her high chair. We have had the pleasure of seeing this face several times and she even has an adorable little yell that goes along with it. So, yes she is ALMOST always a happy baby. It's great for laughs though.

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