Saturday, December 13, 2008

Trash trucks & Baby Jesus

We have been trying to make sure that Mason understands that even at 3, Christmas is more than just getting presents. When you ask him whose birthday it is at Christmas he first says either "his" or "Daddy's", but if you ask him again he says it's Baby Jesus' birthday (which comes out as Baby Deedus). So cute! 

So this was our extended conversation tonight after the typical "whose birthday is it" question...

Mama: What do you think Baby Jesus would want for his birthday?
Mason: A trash truck too.
Mama: A trash truck just like you.
Mason: No, Baby Jesus want a blue trash truck, I want a green one.

By the way, that's all Mason has asked for easy. We have decided to simplify this year and let me tell you, it has been kind of refreshing. I know that in the near future he will start asking for everything he sees in the store and at Target, but now, he is happy with his Doodle Pro, trash trucks, and crayons. 

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