Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tis the season...

for the family to be sick. It always happens either before a holiday or before traveling. Thank goodness we hadn't planned on driving anywhere for Christmas this year. Mason started last Monday with a high fever and other symptoms you probably don't want to hear about. Two pediatrician visits and one x-ray at the hospital later, it was determined he had a bad sinus infection (that was Saturday). Well Miss Reese couldn't be left out so she started with her fever on Friday. And not to be outdone, I too had to get in the action. So far Gary is the only one who hasn't been affected. 

Here's a funny conversation with Mason the other day:

Mason:   Where's Daddy?
Me:   At work.
Mason:   You going to work Mommy?
Me:   Just for a couple of hours.
Mason:   Am I going to work today?
Me:  (laughing) You don't have a job.
Mason:  Yes I do.
Me:  What's your job?
Mason:  Miles and Jack. (the dogs)
Me: Your job is taking care of Miles and Jack?
Mason: Yes
Me:  Then yes, you're going to work today.

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