Wednesday, December 3, 2008


My mom will get a kick out of this post.

Growing up, my sister and I thought my mom was fearless. She killed bugs and spiders, rode on midnight trailrides on her horses, watched scary movies, shot at rats after dark in the shop (have I mentioned we lived out in the country) get the idea. It turns out she wasn't fearless, she was brave.

I had no idea that my mom was afraid of spiders. In fact, she lets out girly shrieking sounds when she tries to kill one and it turns to run towards her. I was speechless the first time I saw this happen a few years ago. Actually, I was speechless because I was laughing so hard. Our conversation went something like this..."What's wrong? (remember we are now laughing), I hate spiders!, But you were never afraid of them before. Yes I was, I just didn't want you two to know it."

So I wonder what Mason and Reese will look back on and think... "wow, mom was brave!"

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