Saturday, September 20, 2008

P Incident

Disclaimer: I am not a bad parent. Nobody is at fault here. It is a disgusting story.

Mason had is first pee accident at school on Thursday while resting around noon. They changed his clothes and he went about his day. Grandpa picked him up from school at 2pm. I came home from work around 5:30. Several times in the evening he kept getting his shorts caught on his shoes while trying to potty so I asked him more than once if he wanted to take his shoes off to which he replied, no. At 7:30 I decided he needed all his nails trimmed, fingers first then toes. So I take off his left sock and shoe to find that his pee accident included his sock and shoe, but it was missed during the changing of clothes. He had been wearing a pee soaked sock and shoe for about 7-8 hours! Yuck! You can only imagine the smell, but his poor little foot looked like it belonged on a cadaver. (How do I know what a cadaver foot looks like? PT school requires cadaveric dissection in gross anatomy lab.) His poor foot hurt once the air got to it and it started drying out. Since I have never had my foot in any liquid for 7-8 hours I had no idea what would happen to it (i.e. blisters, gangrene, just kidding). I made him stay up until it returned to a somewhat normal appearance. Poor kid didn't want to walk on it. So here is the disgusting picture to show I am not making this stuff up.

I promised it returned back to normal.

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