Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I just commented on a friend's blog about how extremely special it is to have a I thought I would share with everyone (all about 10 of you) a little bit more about her.
Ann and I are fraternal twins but look almost exactly alike, at least when all the baby weight is gone. She was born 6 minutes ahead of me, which believe it or not makes a difference throughout life. We bickered and fought a lot when we were in high school and even the first year or two in college. Afterall, we had a lot to fight about. We shared a car in high school and in college, we dormed together our freshmen year and then shared an apartment until we graduated. But now, we are extremely close even though we live about 7 hours away from each other.
She is a high school English teacher and a coach (she has dabbled in volleyball, basketball, track, and softball), but varsity basketball is now her favorite to coach and she really enjoys the group of girls she has now. She is married to a football coach so the beginning of the school year is very stressful in their house. She has a 4.5 year old son who is the best nephew in the world. Every summer, after being able to talk to her several times a day while she is out of school, I then have to go through withdrawals when school starts back all of a sudden and she is "no longer at my beck and call", as she says.
Someday I hope to be able to live within an hour of her. That would be awesome! Our husbands are great in that they understand whenever we get to visit each other, they step back and let us do whatever we want most of the time. Gary knows that when Ann is in town, he gets to see me when we have exhausted all of our shopping and catching up. Thanks Gary!
Anyway, I would have posted a recent picture of us together if I had one, but I don' it really wouldn't do us justice with this extra baby the way, how long can I keep claiming "baby weight"?

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  1. Thanks for your meant alot:) It is so good to hear from someone who is a twin about how great that relationship is. I'm glad you have Ann! look great by the way...what baby weight??