Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike Update

Thanks for everyone's family fared pretty well through the storm. This time around my parents only lost 2 trees, a huge oak and a smaller pine that helped break its fall. Somehow the huge oak tree fell at an odd angle and "slapped" the front corner of the house. My mom said that was around 4am and there was no major structural damage done.

Unfortunately, just 10 miles south in Orange where my mom works, a levee was breached and there is massive flooding throughout the town. Downtown Orange has 6-8 feet of water inundating all the businesses and homes. I have seen a few pictures and cannot believe the amount of water in places never imagined. So they did not receive as much structural damage as 3 years earlier with Hurricane Rita, but nobody imagined this much water would be in their city. Crazy!

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