Thursday, September 4, 2008

Potty training update

I know everyone is waiting with such anticipation to hear how potty training is going at our house so here goes. We officially have a "big boy tinkler"! He started back to Mother's Day Out on Tuesday and went back again today. No accidents either day, nor at home since about Saturday. In fact, today he got up from "resting" on the floor (he doesn't nap at school), walked to the bathroom in his class, did his business, and returned to his resting place...all by himself and without any reminder. WHAT?! Is that my child?

At home it's quite entertaining to watch him try to hold his shirt up under his chin while inching down his shorts and whitey-tightys and his shirt keep falling down. All while trying to watch his movie or TV show. That's right, he's in the living room. He started the potty training process with his little potty sitting in front of the TV (the red potty booty after sitting on the potty all day was hilarious). We have gradually moved it farther away and now he only sits on it when he has to go, no more hanging out for hours on end (parden the pun). We tried to move it to the bathroom, but he literally picks it up and carries back to the living room when he needs to go.

I could go on and on about this subject but I think I will stop the excitement for tonight. I will also spare you the potty pictures.

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