Sunday, September 14, 2008

Love it, love it, love it!

I love the way Reese has a special "I Love My Mommy" smile that is reserved only for me.

I love Spring cleaning! It reminds me of when I was growing up. My mom would open up all the windows to let the breeze in, turn up the stereo, and clean the house. I remember the smell of Pine-Sol mopped floors and Murphy's Oil Soap dusted furniture.

I love to cut Mason's hair! I'm not good at it, poor thing, but I can't wait each time until it gets long enough to cut. I will not do that with Reese, I promise.

I love reality TV! My absolute favorites are So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, and Amazing Race. I guess it's because I can't sing, dance, or travel much.

I love that Mason still wants me to do everything instead of Daddy! I hope he never outgrows it.

I love my job and the families I serve. Not too many people can say that!

I love it when Reese kicks her little legs when she wakes up on her belly in her crib or when I am holding her.

I love that my mom still treats me like a child sometimes...everyone needs their mom no matter how old you are ( I know that's not correct grammar or whatever, sorry).

I love shoes! No explination needed.

I love to make Gary guess how much I bought something on sale for, only to have Gary guess too little and then steal my thunder. He is not a fan of this game.

I love that Gary is so laid back that he has what I call a "Gary speed", even though the actual speed he moves drives me CRAZY!

I love mountain vacations and hope we get to finally take a vacation next year.

What do you love?

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  1. Will try to do a love it, love it, love it post on my blog soon. So fun to read.