Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A weekend at CeeCee & Papa's house

My mom (CeeCee) just couldn't wait to get Reese's toes in the dirt. Just what every 6 month old baby girl needs right? I think Mason was exactly 6 months old when he found the dirt pile too, but not the same dirt pile. I think CeeCee needs a nap just as bad as the kids and I do after we leave. Mason is usually her little shadow, starting at 6am, he knows its time to feed the horses. He then has to make all the rounds throughout the day on the horses, tractor, 4 wheeler, playing in the horse trailer, and in Papa's shop. He's a busy little kid. I think the entire 4 day stay he might have watched TV for about 5 or 6 hours. Sad to say that's what he gets in a day when I have him by myself. He loves his movies.

Mason LOVES the horses. I made him special Missy and Cody books last Christmas and he still requests to read them at bedtime. Missy is the brown horse and Cody is the lighter colored horse. Mom received both horses as babies, Missy being an adopted wild mustang from Nevada, and Cody being a wild horse caught in Louisiana. She raised, broke, and trained them all by herself and she rides them in competitive trail riding competitions through Texas and the surrounding states. Missy is at least 18 years old, and is the best horse! We can put any kid on her (as you can see from Reese sitting on her) and she is huge!

Papa was off during our stay so he got lots of grandkid time. Mason even tried wrestling with him once and then just laid on him on the couch for a while. Reese was a happy camper the entire stay so everyone got to see the sweet little baby we see everyday. Mason was not a happy camper when he was this little because of his colic and reflux so family didn't really get to hold him much then. Granny especially loved her time with Reese as she is so small Granny got to hold her a long time. The rest of Granny's great-grandkids are 3,4 and 4.5 so too big for her to pick up and cuddle.

We really enjoyed our visit. Now I know that I can handle the trip by myself so we will be visiting more often. Gary does love the drive down there and just relaxing so he missed us terribly while we were gone.

This visit also introduced sleeping arrangement questions. Before Reese came along, I would sleep with Mason in the guest room while Gary had the big luxury horse trailer all to himself with the queen size bed and TV and everything. Last time we went down it was our first trip with Reese, and Gary did not get the relaxing night to himself as on previous occasions. He got the little toot who was exhausted but didn't want to sleep and only wanted Mommy but Mommy was sleeping with Reese in the guest room. I thought it was hilariouis, but Gary not so much. So this time I prayed that it would go smoothly, and it did. The first night he got to sleep with Mama and CeeCee in the big bed and we gave Reese her own room. The next two nights Mason and I both actually slept in the same room as Reese. They all slept like little angels. Neither one woke the other one during the night, even when she woke to feed. All in all, it was an awesome visit everyway around. Can't wait to do it again. See everyone at Thanksgiving!

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  1. I'm glad you had such a fun time visiting your folks. Sounds like it couldn't have gone any better!